The Jonathan Stout Orchestra, featuring Hilary Alexander

The Jonathan Stout Orchestra is Los Angeles’ finest in Big Band Swing. The JSO is exciting and explosive, foregoing the nostalgia of familiar, sentimental material and focusing on killer-dillers and lesser known and unique tunes. The JSO is true to the original Swing era, and exclusively uses vintage stock arrangements and transcriptions of vintage recordings. The musicians of the JSO are Los Angeles’ finest practitioners of Swing, not studio musicians on just another gig. Moreover, the JSO was founded by two accomplished swing dancers and is uniquely suited to provide only the most danceable music for jitterbugs of all stripes. The JSO captures all of the vibrancy and excitement of the Swing era.

The JSO's book consists of tunes from the great jazz bands of the Swing Era, with little attention to the "sweet" bands of the day. Included are tunes mainly from Count Basie, Benny Goodman Gene Krupa, and Artie Shaw, with other numbers by Duke Ellington, Lionel Hampton, Tommy Dorsey, Erskine Hawkins, Harry James and Jan Savitt. Some of our signature and rare tunes include arrangements from the 1939 and 1942 Metronome All-Star bands. Our theme song, Artie Shaw's "Man from Mars", was never recorded commercially, and was transcribed from an un-issued 1938 radio broadcast.

The JSO was formed in 2004, when promoters began demanding for a big band version of 7-piece band, Jonathan Stout and his Campus Five, featuring Hilary Alexander. The Campus Five was formed in 2002, with the goals of being the most danceable band around and playing interesting and rare tunes that were overlooked by most modern bands. The Campus Five has played every major swing dance venue from San Diego to Santa Barbara, and traveled to London, Washington, D.C., Honolulu, and San Francisco. Besides swing dances, we have been featured at jazz festivals such as the Sweet and Hot Jazz Festival (4 years running) and municipal functions such the Ventura County Lemon Fest (4 years running) and the Los Angeles Music Center's Dance Downtown. The Campus Five has released two albums, "Jammin' the Blues (2003) and "Crazy Rhythm" (2004) to glowing reviews. In fact, both albums are favorites of top swing dance instructors around the world.

Sounds of the Jonathan Stout Orchestra
Recorded live at the Satin Ballroom, Novemeber 21st, 2003