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Welcome to the Home of Los Angeles' Finest in Swing

"This is the real deal - a band carrying on the legacy of the great swing era small groups" - Ted Gottsegen, Just Jazz Guitar Magazine, Feb. 04

"One of those few bands on the scene today that may proudly wear a medallion that says, 'Real Jazz'" - Jeff Parker, DJ and Host of "Parker's Place" on KAAT, 103.1 FM

"The Campus Five have given us some great Jazz, Swing and Dance tunes that we might not otherwise get to hear, apart from the originals" - Jesse Gearhart, DJ and host of "Swing Cat's Ball" on KCBX FM90)

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Our CDs, "Jammin' the Blues" and "Crazy Rhythm" are available now!
Check out samples from the Campus Five's albums and order your copy now at the Camp Hollywood Store.