"I have been playing guitar for 13 years, specializing in early acoustic and electric jazz guitar for the last six. I studied guitar at the University of Southern California Studio/Jazz Guitar Program under Richard Smith, Frank Potenza, Pat Kelley and Steve Trovato. I graduated from USC with a degree in history, where I worked on researching the history of Los Angeles-area jitterbugs during the 1930’s and 1940’s. I have been devoted to preserving traditional Los Angeles-style Lindy Hop, and Bal-Swing since learning to dance in 1997. I am proud to have learned directly from original masters such as Bart Bartolo, Freda Angela, Ann Mills and Hal Takier, and to have earned first place the National Jitterbug Championships team division with the Hollywood Hornets.
Along with preserving traditional swing dancing, I have worked to preserve early, pre-bebop jazz guitar. Originally inspired by the movie “Sweet and Lowdown”, I have sought out to continue the traditional swing guitar sound, especially Charlie Christian, Freddie Green, Allan Reuss, Django Reinhardt. I started the Campus Five after playing with Josh Callazo and his Feetwarmers. I was inspired by the great experience, and the Campus Five was born soon after. Since starting the band, I have played with Mora's Modern Rhythmists, Jim Ziegler's Swingsations, Bonebreak's Syncopators, Bill Elliot and Johnny Crawford. In 2003, we launched the 14-piece Jonathan Stout Orchestra at the Satin Ballroom. Because I am a dancer, I feel uniquely suited to provide the only most danceable music. I have also DJ-ed at numerous swing venues and events such as Camp Hollywood, HiLx2005, Sugarfoot Stomp, Memories, the Swing Pit, Suzy Q’s, and Rusty’s Rhythm Club. I play an blonde Eastman 810CE and custom 12-fret petite bouche John Le Voi gypsy guitar. I am proud to be one of Eastman Guitars featured performers.

Hilary Alexander, singer, dancer, entrepreneur, and vintage lifestyle enthusiast, is the daughter of a jazz pianist and a "sambista", a Brazilian samba dancer. She was raised with a great appreciation for jazz, especially jazz vocalists such as Anita O'Day, Betty Carter, Ella Fitzgerald, Ella Mae Morse, and Blossom Dearie. She grew up in show business in New York, taking vocal, dance & acting lessons and attending the Professional Children's School along with many child stars. Hilary learned to swing dance shortly after moving to LA in the mid-1990's, and in 1998 began producing a yearly swing "camp" (a weekend event combining swing lessons & dances), Camp Hollywood, which is her current full-time job. In 1999 she began singing a song every year with the Camp's Saturday night regular band, The Bill Elliott Swing Orchestra, and was encouraged to sing on a more regular basis. After a brief stint with the jump blues quintet Jive Train, she and Jonathan teamed up to form the Campus Five, a swing band with the objective to bring back some of the well known but underplayed dance tunes for your swing dancing pleasure.